Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology

The venue of ICPSBB 2023 is the Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (CPSBB) Plovdiv, Bulgaria. CPSBB is a new plant institute with the aim to perform world class fundamental and applied research in the fields of plant systems biology and biotechnology. The new research complex of CPSBB was awarded the prise “Building of the year 2022” in Bulgaria.


Plovdiv is a vibrant city, prominent educational and research center in Bulgaria: Home of more than 10 universities and research institutes. It is also one of the most ancient cities in Europe, rich in history and culture. It was named European Culture Capital in 2019.
September is a pleasant month in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, with mild to warm temperatures.
In addition to the rich scientific programme of ICPSBB 2023, the attendees will enjoy sightseeing and social events, such as Plovdiv city tour. The guided tour will take participants to the most remarkable sites including the Old Town with the Ethnographic Museum, the Roman theatre and the Great Basilica of Plovdiv.


Bulgaria is a part of the Balkan Peninsula in South Eastern Europe. The state of Bulgaria was founded in 681 AD and has a long and impressive history. Since January 2007 Bulgaria is a member of the European Union.

Here are some facts about Bulgaria:

  • The oldest crafted gold in the history of mankind is found here
  • Of the 300 cultural and natural sites in the UNESCO List of World Heritage, nine are in Bulgaria.
  • Bulgaria is the country of yoghourt – the food of the centenarians.
  • The world’s perfume and cosmetics industry could not do without the Bulgarian attar of roses – the Bulgarian oleaginous rose yields 80% of the world’s production.
  • Small Bulgaria is one of the world’s largest wine producers together with France, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Bulgaria is a beautiful mountainous country, with tourism opportunities being one of its biggest assets. Bulgaria possesses beautiful landscapes and beaches. The Black Sea Coast on its East border is famous for its fine sanded beaches, and perfect temperatures of water and air.